Shooting Game for Computer
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Alien Shooter Download

Shooting Game for Computer Alien Shooter - The alien invasion has begun. Racing through offices, storehouses and mysterious labs, your mission is to clear the base at any costs.
Your mission is simple: clear the base at all costs. You will be provided with explosives to help you gain access to the teleports from where thousands of pitiless creatures pour. You have been granted access to the most advanced weapons technology money can buy. As you earn your pay, you can equip yourself with additional weapons in the arming area and biomechanical implants that will make your fighting abilities super human.

Alien Shooter Screenshots:

Shooting Game for Computer

Shooting Game for Computer

Shooting Game for Computer

Shooting Game for Computer

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Game Cheats:

  • In game mode:

    cheate - complete level.
    cheath - give 1000 hp.
    cheatw - give all weapons.
    cheata - + 1000 ammo
  • In the shop:

    cheatm - + 50 000 money!
  • Download Alien Shooter Free Version

    Buy Alien Shooter Game Now for Only $19.95

    Alien Shooter Full Version Features:
    • 10 thrilling levels to explore
    • 9 unique weapons to use
    • 6 types of monsters to defeat
    • 2 unlimited play modes
    • Unlimited play with all levels.
    • Instant full version activation.
    • You own the full version forever.
    • Many hours of great fun.
    • 60 day money-back guarantee.
    Alien Shooter Controls:
    • Keyboard:
      [UP] or [W] - Forward
      [DOWN] or [S] - Backward
      [LEFT] or [A] - left
      [RIGTH] or [D] - right
      [F] - Flash
    • Mouse:
      [Left Mouse Button] - Fire
      [Rigth Mouse Button] - Move
      [SHIFT]+[F9] - Screen
    • Change weapon [1-9]:
      [1] - Two pistols 9
      [2] - Shotgun
      [3] - Granade launcher
      [4] - Minigun
      [5] - Rocket launcher
      [6] - Freeze rife
      [7] - Plasma Rife
      [8] - Flame thrower
      [9] - Magma minigun
      [Esc] - Exit

      RISK FREE! 100% Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee!
    File Size: 5.90 MB
    Price: $19.95
    Version: New
    OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP
    Requirements: 64M RAM, 20M Free HD Space, 3D graphics card with 16 MB
    DirectSound compatible sound card
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