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The Benefits of Playing Video Games
People seem to think that playing video games is inherently bad for children, teenagers and adolescents. However, with many people jumping on the bandwagon and saying how bad video games are for you, they fail to see the facts which point only to one thing - video games are hugely beneficial, and especially for children.

Letís use an analogy with online lotteries to explain how things which people donít understand are not always necessarily bad. For example, when you are purchasing a powerball online ticket you are taking part in an exhilarating and really interesting online gambling experience which is heavily regulated and completely legal. Many people who are poorly informed will try to convince you otherwise, but playing online lottery is as safe and as exciting as playing video games.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

When people play video games they are immersed in a world in which they are faced with problems which require very good hand-eye coordination. This is especially true for the new consoles in which the old joysticks have been transformed into real life tennis racquets, baseball bats or golf clubs.

People need to react quickly to fast changing environments and most of tshe time donít have enough time to dwell on a problem and must find a resolution instantly. These practiced movements are soon transformed from something which is learnt for the first time to muscle memory which can be called upon whenever needed. This can be very beneficial in everyday life as people, and especially children, often have to do things in an instant if they want to be successful.

Problem Solving

There have been various reputable studies which confirm what we all already knew Ė video games are great at teaching people how to solve problems in their real lives. A good selection of roulette games found that playing video games could help young people be more successful at university and thus increase their chances of better employment after graduation.

Puzzle games, arcade and action games, card games (solitaire and hearts), MahJong, strategy games, war games and adventure or RPG games all have one thing in common Ė they put players in various problem solving situations in which they have to use their brains and logic to come to the right resolution of a problem.

This is really helpful for children because they donít have many chances to face such complex problems in their normal lives. As a result, children who often play problem solving video games almost always outperform children who donít play them.

Boost Creativity

When playing a video game a person is immersed in a magical world of fancy inventions and colorful characters. This might seem like a normal thing for a video game and not something that should be praised, but it actually is anything but that.

Many people experience a boom in their creativity after participating in a fantastical game in which they were required to use their imagination to overcome different scenarios. And when this is translated into real life the result is usually a novel way of thinking.
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