CardShark 2
Learn Texas Holdem - CardShark2 WILL make you a better Texas Holdem player.
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CardShark 2 Download

CardShark 2 is a learning tool that will improve your game - whether you're new to Hold 'em, or a seasoned veteran.

Through a new and innovative approach, CardShark2 determines the player's true chance to win in any given scenario. Most products of this sort use a statistical calculation to determine odds. The problem is there are far too many variables in a hand to accurately calculate the player's opportunity.

CardShark2's breakthrough technology takes into account all the critical factors - many of which are ignored by other approaches.

When you're down to playing head-to-head, odds calculations are fairly simple - a simple count of outs can get you close. But with a table of 8 or 9 opponents the permutations become astronomical. Just consider - with 52 cards in the deck and 9 opponents, there are over 9 billion, billion permutations facing you. Counting outs won't do it.

Of course, knowing the winning percentage for your hand isn't all there is to it either. CardShark2 takes you to the next level by factoring in the number of opponents, number of callers, raisers, etc. With the winning percentage adjusted to account for those variables, CardShark2 then uses the Win Odds in relation to the Pot Odds to provide the player with a recommended play.

CardShark2 is a very effective learning tool that permits the user to do an unlimited number of "what if" scenarios. Have you ever wondered, for instance, what would be the most appropriate wager when you are in late position with J-J, there are 2 callers, a raiser and a re-raiser in front of you, and the table is playing aggressively? CardShark2 will tell you.

There are obviously a nearly infinite number of scenarios that a poker player faces. CardShark2 helps you recognize similar scenarios by allowing you to set up and test any scenarios you wish. It may also be used to provide feedback in real-time, allowing you to use it to practice your game in a safe environment, such as with Hold 'em video game software.

CardShark2 includes not only the Standard Module but also the Tourney Module.

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