Great ways to make money by playing video games
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Great ways to make money by playing video games

There are prizes in large numbers to be won if the enthusiastic gamers decide to take up the game as a “professional gamer”. Video games forums are flooded with embellished tales of the financial rewards available. However, this is not so easy to make money from gaming, and then everybody would be doing it.

Getting paid to play video games is the vision of most gamers. While it may seem like an impractical dream, there are many people who are making some money by playing video games. The modes by which people make money playing video games are enthralling. The eSport athletes are making six figures a year by winning tournaments, and on the other hand, game testers are making money by playing video games. Here are ways to make your gaming routine into a source of earning:-

Gold and item farming

The buying and selling of practical goods is not new, but with some games operating in an in-game auction house, you can make money. This method came as Diablo III’s, an action role-playing game, comprising of Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, and Diablo, the Terror Lord. Some players have asserted they have made near about $10,000 by yielding and then selling gold on the auction house.

Play testing

In this type, the video game companies make use of the video game testers, who in turn test games in progress. They also report the problems discovered by them. This is sort of an ideal job, but you must approach this money-making scheme with care. For this purpose, the companies sign agreements with all the video games testers.

Professional gamers

The professional gamers that make money are enthusiastic and talented. Pro-gamers can also make money through community sponsorship, like Nascar race cars and Nike sponsors professional athletes that are decorated with business branding. A number of companies that have sponsored players include Intel, SteelSerie, and Western Digital, which extends gaming peripherals. There are a number of casinos that offer real money making techniques, like the online gambling at Betfair offers safe, legal, and the latest UK online casinos playable for real money.

Let's play videos

Recording videos of games played by you, then putting them on YouTube and then monetizing them is a good source of video game income. The important thing is that for YouTube, it has to have a running interpretation of the complete video. As per YouTube, video game content may be monetized if step-by-step explanation is strictly tied to the live action being shown.

Sell advanced characters

This method is ideal for games like World of Warcraft. The characters are built up with innovative skills, magic, weapons and other abilities as you play. The characters are sold and transferred from a few pounds to $10,000. Websites such as Armory Bids and Player Auctions see customary trading of accounts.

Will real-money auction houses be the beckon of the future; the tournaments are a way for experienced players to cash in on their handiness. Video games played at a tournament level are referred to as "eSports."

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