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Chameleon Gems: A Flawless Jewel of a Game
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Chameleon Gems Download

Chameleon Gems Description:
Do you crave for a refreshing and fun adventure with plenty of puzzles to enjoy on the way? Then look no further than Chameleon Gems! Immerse yourself into the mysterious atmosphere of an ancient land whose peace is guarded by a stone idol of a chameleon. The chameleon stands in the center of the playing field and colored gems are continually rolling along the spiral path towards a hole. Control the stone idol and blast gems before they reach the hole because if they do, you are history and have to start the level again! The chameleon's head follows your mouse pointer. Moving the idol around, you must take careful aim at a group of two or more gems of the same color and left-click the mouse. The chameleon fires a ball from its mouth and gems explode, adding to your score. When you fill the Chameleon meter, no more gems are added to the rolling chain. Now you¡¯ve got to shoot the rest of the gems to continue your adventure on the next level! On higher levels the speed and complexity of the play rises, which makes the game more challenging. Players can get help by blasting gems that have special powers. Using them, you can make gems move back to gain some time, shoot them with a fireball, a laser or little stones. There are also Rainbow powerups that can match gems of any color. At the end of each level, your score is converted to money that you can use to purchase additional lives and new skins for the chameleon. Each skin gives different powerups and effects. This adds variety to the game play as well as to its replayability. Chameleon Gems is so entertaining and relaxing you may never play another game again! If you are not sure, you can try right now. Simply download its free trial copy and indulge yourself in the totally addictive gameplay for hours on end! Good luck!


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Buy Chameleon Gems Now $19.95

Free Download Chameleon Gems

The key features of Chameleon Gems :
  • More 100 levels
  • High quality sountrack
  • Dynamics highscore tracking
  • Stunning graphics in full 3D
File Size: 9.54 MB
Game Price: $19.95
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Requirements: DirectX8 or higher
Pentium II-450 or better
3d accelerated video card

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