Cruise Ship Captain
A computer simulation of the piloting of a major cruise ship, Cruise Ship Captain is a computer simulator and a learning tool.
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Cruise Ship Captain Download

computer simulation game Cruise Ship Captain is a computer simulator and a learning tool allowing you to explore how a Captain or Harbor Pilot can maneuver the cruise ships. You are given a Bridge window that controls ship. If you are piloting the "standard ship", you have twin engines, a set of bow and stern thrusters and twin rudders. With the azipod-driven ship, you control a unique propulsion and steering system consisting of a pair of pods that carry the propellers. Your challenge is to bring the ship to the dock in the harbor of your choice. Harbors include Southampton, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach, Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Apia and Sydney.

The help file or operation manual is available at any time by pressing F1. You also get a small photo album showing each of the harbors.

On the other hand, Cruise Ship Captain is a game that encourages you to compete with others or yourself on how skillfully and how quickly you can bring your ship into the harbor. After mastering the introductory level of difficulty you can increase the challenge by requesting variable wind speeds up to 100 knots, harbor traffic and even random equipment failure. A special version of Cruise Ship Captain called Cruise Ship Time Trials is included in the package. It differs from Cruise Ship Captain in having a count-down timer. You set the amount of time allowed the player, 5, 10 or 15 min, and the game halts after his or her time is up. When it halts it displays the players score that includes damage from any collisions.

The "standard ship" uses the classic ship design of twin, shaft-mounted propellers that are mounted in front of twin rudders. In general, the propellers drive the ship forward and in reverse and the rudders control the direction. With forward thrust, the propellers increase the steering power of the rudders by driving water over their surfaces to form a water jet to either side. You can steer the ship with either the rudder or the propellers. The ship also has bow and stern thrusters to help turn the ship or push the ship sideways toward or away from the dock.

The “Pod ship” has the most modern propulsion design with a pair of “azimuthing pods”. Propellers are mounted on pods that hang below the ship. Electric engines in the pods drive the propellers. The pods can rotate 360 degrees thus eliminating the need for a rudder, the pods both drive and steer the ship. When the pods are rotated to 90 degrees they act as powerful stern thrusters that can work along with the bow thrusters.

Cruise Ship Captain Game Download

Buy Cruise Ship Captain Game $24.95 USD

File Size: 16.21 MB
Price: $24.95 USD
Version: 4.4
OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Requirements: 64M RAM, 20M Free HD Space

Cruise Ship Captain ScreenShot:

Cruise Ship Captain
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Cruise Ship Captain The ship's Tender provides an entirely different challenge. These twin screw passenger boats are like a sports car compared to the ships. They maneuver quickly and can spin quickly around.
You have 4 mooring lines to use. The shot above shows the Tender coming in to the ship, Starboard side to. A single bow spring line has been attached. Now the driver must pull against this line to swing the tender along side. Think you know how? Be careful, especially with strong wids and seas you can rip the cleat right off of the tender or suffer other damage.

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