Firefight Game
Firefight is a World War II real time simulation game.
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Firefight Download

Free Firefight Game Firefight Description : is a World War II real time simulation game. It relies heavily on the use of artificial intelligence to create a realistic game, while having a user interface so simple and intuitive that you can learn to play in minutes. The player takes control of up to sixteen squads of tanks, anti-tank guns or various infantry formations. These squads can be manouvered around the large battlefield and ordered to fire on enemy positions. In addition the player can call down artillery strikes of high explosive or smoke shells. The game is won by the player taking control of the designated mission objective, either a village, farm or hill, and holding it with enough strength to resist enemy counter attacks.

Free Download Firefight Game 1.52 MB

Buy the full version of Firefight for PC for $ 20

File Size: 1.52 MB
Game Price: $20.00
Version: 3.0
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP
Requirements: 32M RAM, 20M Free HD Space

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