Galactic Dream - Rage of War Game
The ultimate real-time strategy game in space
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Galactic Dream - Rage of War Game Download

Galactic Dream - Rage of War gameGalactic Dream - Rage of War
For hundred of years we have searched for the answer to an eternal question: 'Are we alone?'. A terrible menace from the galactic core that could lead to the extinction of all humanity, a mysterious destination, an alien king that will stop at nothing to get what he wants and who keeps a close track on humans, no matter where they go... Engage in epic galactic warfare, venture deep into space in a race against time, play through a tale about choosing sides and about how one man can make a difference, despite all odds and obstacles facing him. The universe never witnessed such massive deployment of forces! Join up for the ultimate real-time strategy game in space! Control over hundred of units, fast creation of armies, cool units dialogs and much more. Guide your people through the galaxy!

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Download Free Galactic Dream - Rage of War Game

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The key features of Galactic Dream - Rage of War Game :
  • Lead one of two distinctive and thriving species, forged into the heat of the galactic battle: the Terrans and the Argo. Two different sides, two unique playing styles, each coming with characteristic technology tree, units and combat tactics;
  • Fast creation of armies and simultaneous building tasks will completely satisfy your hunger to conduct rushes over the enemy. An uneasy job for a young Commander like yourself!
  • Over 50 Different Units and Buildings, each playing its own part in the interspecies war;
  • Control Hundred of Units and experience war at a new scale;
  • A Universe in 3 dimensions, offering you multiple perspectives over the battlefield;
  • Single Player mode featuring Randomized Maps each time you play against the ravenous AI;
  • The Epical Campaign will introduce you into the Galactic Dream captivating world, pushing even further the gaming experience. Over 20 missions across one campaign.
  • Funny unit dialogues such as:
    • Illegal alien, straight ahead!
    • Yes, I'm the chosen one... or selected one.
    • I'm a super model battleship!
    • This is for my fans...
  • The Multiplayer Client supports 8+ players over the Internet (through Evolution Vault's free online gaming service) or over the LAN via TCP/IP;
  • Even more: detailed texture work, combat units that advance in levels to become the core of your unbeatable armada;
File Size: 84.20 MB
Price: $25.99
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP
Requirements: DirectX 8.0 or better
1 GHZ Intel or AMD Processor
3D graphics card capable of displaying at least 1024x768
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