Presidential Election Game
President Forever - 2004. Are you ready to become the most powerful leader in the world?
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President Forever: 2008

computer election game Presidential Forever is the most in-depth, intense presidential election game ever made. Using realistic electorate modeling techniques, an unprecedented number of options, the ability to plan complex strategies, detailed candidates, and sporting a futuristic interface, this is 2004 big time!

Presidential Screeshots:

computer election game

computer election game
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Good campaigning, President-to-Be! Check the key features of President Forever Game:
  • Criss-cross the country doing barn-storming campaigns.
  • Setup detailed platforms to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • Run attack ads to steal voters leaning towards your opponents.
  • Unleash foot soldiers to stop your opponents, or get campaign crusaders to rally voters to your cause.
  • Give a fiery custom-made speech, but remember to prepare for the debates!
  • 2 - 4 players, vs. computer or hotseat.
  • Craft a detailed electoral strategy to give you a landslide on election day.
  • Play with 12 ready-made candidates in 2004 complete with detailed attributes and skills, or make your own!
  • Play 2004, or try a Great Campaign of the Past: 1960 (Nixon-Kennedy), 1980 (Reagan-Carter), or 1992 (Bush-Clinton)!
(Note: a Candidate Editor is included in the full version of President Forever.)

File Size: 4.89 MB
Price: $12.00
Version: 1.15.6
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP
OS: President Forever will also run on Virtual PC for Macs.
Requirements: 32M RAM, DirectX 7.0 or above
Get full version of Presidential Election Game

President Forever comes with our full money-back GUARANTEE. Getting President Forever is easy and it is only $12. We use RegNow to process our ordering. They are leaders in online stores delivering reliable and safe online transactions. After you place your order, you will immediately receive a download link in your email.

Here is a sample of some of the e-mails we've received from President Forever customers:

"Your Presidential Election Game product is absolutely beautiful. As a political consultant, the only politics that I engage in at home is waging your six week campaign. Thanks for an elegant and enjoyable game." --- William R. "Bill" Orton Orange County, California

"I really enjoy the Presidential Election Game. It is the best campaigning game out there. I love politics and this is the only game that fits right in with my interests."
G. Magnuson
Greenwood, Indiana

I absolutely am addicted to President Forever and the sad part (well not sad, I guess ironic) is that I'm Canadian!"
Darren McEwen
Ottawa, Canada

"Keep up the great work. I am a huge fan of Presidential election sims and President Forever is by far the finest I have seen! Best Regards,
David Haitel"
Edmonton, Alberta
Conservative Party of Canada

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