Prime Minister Forever
Take the helm as Canada heads into an historic neck-and-neck election.
Grits or Tories? NDP? Bloc? It's your call!
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Prime Minister Forever Download

Prime Minister Forever (Canadian Version) is the most in-depth, intense parliamentary election game ever made. Using realistic electorate modeling techniques, an unprecedented number of options, the ability to plan complex strategies, detailed candidates, and sporting a futuristic interface, this is Canada 2006 big time!
Strategy is done not only by province but down to the individual riding (308 of 'em), each with the relevant candidates, ratings, and percentages.

Screen Shots:

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Good campaigning, President-to-Be! Check the key features of Prime Minister Forever Game:
  • strategize by province and target individual ridings.
  • criss-cross the country doing barn-storming campaigns.
  • setup detailed platforms to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • 2 - 4 players, vs. computer or hotseat.
  • unleash foot soldiers to stop your opponents, or get campaign crusaders to rally voters to your cause.
  • run attack ads to steal voters leaning towards your opponents.
  • give a fiery custom-made speech, but remember to prepare for the debates!
  • play any of the 4 major parties: Liberal, Conservative, NDP, or Bloc Quebecois.
(Note: a Candidate Editor is included in the full version of Prime Minister Forever. Modify candidates, or insert yourself and run for PM!)

File Size: 4.41 MB
Price: $11.99
Version: New
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP
OS: Prime Minister Forever will also run on Virtual PC for Macs.
Requirements: 32M RAM, DirectX 7.0 or above

Get full version of Prime Minister Forever Game :

Prime Minister Forever comes with our full money-back GUARANTEE. Getting Prime Minister Forever is easy and it is only $11.99. We use RegNow to process our ordering. They are leaders in online stores delivering reliable and safe online transactions. After you place your order, you will immediately receive a download link in your email.

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