Starship Kingdom Game
Assemble a fleet of starships and take back the star kingdom!
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Starship Kingdom Game Download

Starship Kingdom game Starship Kingdom
The King has died without producing an heir. The Star Kingdom has fallen apart, with most of the worlds declaring their independence. Only you and one other noble house have declared their right to the throne. Take control of one of the houses and fight for your right to become the next Star King ... but watch out for the Indies ... they might decide to join the losing side at the last minute!

Starship Kingdom ScreenShots:

computer Starship Kingdom game

Starship Kingdom game

Starship Kingdom game

Starship Kingdom game

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Download Free Starship Kingdom Game

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The key features of Starship Kingdom Game :
  • Lots of different maps to play
  • Interstellar combat between different types of starships
  • Play against computer opponents of varying abilities
  • Sit down at an open table in the game lobby and start playing online
  • Upgrading your fleet with new technologies to make them more powerful
  • Investing in starship production and eventually get Supernova bombs
  • Play against another person, either over the internet or at the same computer
  • Design and share your own maps using the built-in map editor
File Size: 8.50 MB
Price: $19.95
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP
Requirements: DirectX 8.0 or better
1 GHZ Intel or AMD Processor
3D graphics card capable of displaying at least 1024x768
Get full version of Starship Kingdom Game :

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